Working Heartburn Home Remedies To Ease The Troubled Tummy

A gourmet meal in front of you… Tantalizing your taste buds… The delicious aroma of the foods nudging you to relish it… You answer the call and savor the scrumptious meal… But what happens next?

You’re just sitting and chatting with your friends when the balloon of acid seems to build up inside your body. It seems like constricting air passage and burning the chest. A bitter-sour taste ruins the remnants of your appetizing meal. A churning stomach growls from your abdomen. Overall, you start feeling nauseated, with inside ablaze!
heartburn home remedies

Reportedly, that’s what most of the heartburn sufferers experience. It’s a common condition, alternatively known as acid reflux. Though the term “heartburn” is casually used for this, it has nothing to do with heart. However, the burning acidic feeling in the middle/upper chest as the stomach acid backfires into the dysfunctional food pipe.

You might experience heartburn rarely owing to unhealthy eating habits. This includes speaking while having a larger meal, frequent intake of junk food, exercising shortly after meals, wearing tight clothes while eating, etc. Nonetheless, if this becomes a frequent experience for you, you require immediate acid reflux help. If such condition is persistent, then you might be suffering from Gastroesophagus Reflux Disease (GERD). Confused about the mechanism? Here’s how this happens:

Your food pipe (esophagus) takes the food to the stomach. The chewed food passes through Lower Esophagus Sphincter (LED) or a “gateway”. Ideally, the sphincter must close down to keep the highly acidic fluids of stomach confined. However, if the sphincter muscles are relaxed and/or weakened, the stomach acid is releases into the food pipe, hence damaging it.

The reason of this might just be trivial – your wrong sitting position, hence making the food pipe twist (unable to close the valve properly). Still, if it happens repeatedly to you (once every day or so), then you might be having GERD. In such case, the contributing factors can be: Caffeinated beverages and foods, smoking, alcohol, stress, certain medications, etc.

The symptoms may vary in intensity and frequency among individuals, but the research shows nearly 20% of adults experiencing this trouble at least once a month. So, you cannot run every time to the doctor for an acid reflux remedy. Sometimes, he may just raise an eyebrow and ask you to eat less. Don’t worry, there are some heartburn home remedies that you can try to keep tummy troubles away:

heartburn home remedy

Having a clove of fresh garlic is known to be an effective heartburn home remedy. However, its downside can be the bad stench it gives to your breath. Moreover, garlic cannot be used in higher concentration with some prescription medicines, so be careful! Papaya can be your ideal solution as it neutralizes the acidity, but pregnant women are suggested not to use fresh or powdered papaya. Also, you can take apple cider vinegar (dissolved in water or otherwise) with bit of baking soda. Drink it while fizzy, but use a straw as regular usage of vinegar deteriorates tooth enamel.

While these sources can work well for you, wouldn’t you prefer an ABSOLUTE CURE? For a detailed acid reflux remedy report learn more about the Acid Reflux Diet Cure.